Yamaha Motors launches healthcare company focused on analyzing antibodies

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Yamaha Motors announced the launch of its new healthcare company, dubbed Tuning Fork Bio. It will use an antibody-profiling service to test and analyze people’s antibodies in order to help providers prevent disease and determine proper treatments when conditions are found. 

Tuning Fork Bio will utilize the Cell Handler platform, a cell picking and imaging system launched in 2017 that streamlines the cell culture process by selecting cells not even one millimeter in size at a speed difficult to achieve manually. 

The system moves the cells to a high-density culture plate, while capturing image information. 

Using AI, the company’s technology uses data compared with previously compiled databases and healthy individuals to develop and select the correct therapeutic methods for a patient.

Yamaha says the process improves efficiency and accuracy in cellular experiments. 

Cell Handler was first introduced to the Translational Research Center at Fukushima Medical University. Yamaha and the TR Center have conducted joint research using protein microarrays with the aim of commercializing antibody profiling.

The Japanese company said it hopes to use antibody profiling to get a clear picture of presymptomatic states and prevent the onset of autoimmune diseases in one’s body by “tuning up” people’s health, while discovering biomarkers using data analysis. 

“Going forward, we expect that people’s values will become increasingly diverse around the world, and issues surrounding the Global Environment and Society will become more serious and complex. We also feel the high-end advances with AI and the transition to an information society will make staying in tune with human sensitivities more important,” said Yuichi Hikichi, CEO of Tuning Fork Bio and fellow at the Technical Research and Development Center, during a press briefing. 

“We would like to respond to the needs of society by blending technologies and keen sensitivities we have nurtured to date in order to be more in tune with people and to expand human possibilities through uniquely Yamaha approaches.”

Tuning Fork Bio is headquartered in Delaware in the U.S. Yamaha said it hopes to bring its technology worldwide soon. Its name refers to the three tuning forks in Yamaha’s logo. 

The company says it will work to refine its technology in the future by finding more biomarkers and that it is developing new businesses in the healthcare field through investments and antibody-related ventures in Japan. 

Yamaha said it was moving into the healthcare industry according to its long-term vision of 2030, dubbed Art of Human Possibilities.  

The company also noted it is looking to partner with other companies as the business advances. 

“Tuning Fork Bio’s strength is its ability as a discovery engine to discover new antigens and antibodies. So, potential partners will be companies who have already got diagnostics technology, and we believe that will be complementary to our business. So, technology and business development in that area is something we would like to consider going forward,” Hikichi told MobiHealthNews

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