5 Questions for Coaching Up

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People skills, communication skills, managing challenges, goal setting, and developing strategies are valuable for all of us at work, at home, and in many other interactions.  Coach training supports developing these skills and the assignments during certification include practicing with these skills in everyday conversations.  In addition to coaching skills being an essential competency for leaders, coaching skills serve individuals at all levels.  One significant benefit is the opportunity to coach up instead of managing up.

5 Questions for Coaching Up

To use coaching skills in a conversation with your supervisor or manager, consider these questions:

  • Currently I am tasked with … (insert list here). Please tell me your priorities to ensure I am meeting your expectations.  Which do you want completed in which order?
  • What options do I have for delegating or additional support to meet deadlines?
  • How do you recommend that I prioritize my work to ensure a more consistent work/life balance?
  • A member of my team is under-performing.I have presented them with the facts and indicated they are at risk.  I want your support.  How do you want it handled?
  • Currently my work (or development goals) are… (insert list here). My action plan is (insert plan here).  My progress is (insert highlights here).  What thoughts or recommendations do you have?

The value in these questions is that you demonstrate confidence and capability while inviting their input respectfully.  These questions are a starting point.  As we recommend it coaching certification classes, keep brainstorming!

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