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“Aligning with yourself, then another and you both aligning yourselves together further in harmony will summon source energy in ways you couldn’t imagine.”
― Shalom Melchizedek,
The connection between spirituality and sexuality is an interesting topic. It has deep implications for one’s identity, the dynamics of relationships, and one’s understanding of the Creator.
God refers to the relationship between a husband and wife as a ‘covering.’ Meaning, they take care of each other’s needs and desires, which is another reason why most marriage either take place in a religious institution or is presided over by a religious authority.
This is not a coincidence nor is it happenstance that human beings choose to conduct marriage ceremonies under some sort of religious umbrella. It’s a partnership, which includes two people fulfilling their sexual desires with one another.
Sex is generally defined as an activity that has an outward sexual element to it. This could be anything from a kiss to intercourse. There is a connection between spirituality and sexuality.
Spirituality can be an underlying support, but it’s not the sole source of strength for sex. It’s important for us as humans to be in touch with our spiritual selves to stay in touch with our sexual selves.
The former provides meaning, hope, and purpose for the latter. This is one of the main reasons God has stated that sex and marriage should go together. In an Islamic tradition, Prophet Muhammad states, “Marriage completes half of your religion.”

“Your soul is your connection to the Divine. Sacred sex is an activity of joining souls in holy, celestial creation, expressing your appreciation for the gift of life, of sharing your body’s vitality with another.”
― Brownell Landrum,

This was stated to not only emphasize the importance of the marriage bond but also to point out that fulfilling one’s sexual desire in matrimony is pleasing to God. Sometimes people need to find meaning before they can find intimacy and sexual pleasure.
The connection between spirituality and sexuality is complex, multifaceted, and often controversial. I wrote an article some time ago about some religious misunderstandings regarding sex entitled: Religious Restrictions Regarding Sexual Relations.
Spirituality has been defined in various ways. It can refer to a person’s religious beliefs, spiritual practices, and ways of life. Spirituality is often seen as the link between the spiritual and physical realms. It may also be used synonymously with religion or faith.
Whereas, Sexuality refers to feelings or actions centered around sexual activity and sexual interest. It is an aspect of human sexuality that ranges from feeling sexually attracted to someone or thinking about sex to actually engage in a sexual act.
Not all people who are spiritual are also sexual, but many people who are sexual are also spiritual- this is because sexuality has been a part of spirituality since the beginning of time. After all, the reason the mother and father of humanity (Adam and Eve) had such a deep connection was due to their connection to the Creator.
Spirituality connects individuals to the outside world. It connects people with God, with others, and with themselves. Sexuality can be seen as a physical manifestation of spirituality.
The connection between spirituality and sexuality is not always acknowledged or understood. In some religions, sexual impulses are considered sinful and something to be suppressed at all costs.
This is not part of our natural inclination as human beings. God created us with sexual desire to fulfill a very important purpose, one of which is to populate the planet.
There’s an interesting intersection where people find themselves torn between two desires: one from their spirit, the other from their flesh.
The connection between spirituality and sexuality is both profound and extremely real. Sex is a form of intimacy, which implies the need for vulnerability and faith. Sex provides us with a chance to be more giving than we traditionally can be, to experience pleasure in ways that are intensely satisfying, and to feel love in its deepest sense.
Sexuality is an important part of being human, but it also has spiritual dimensions that transcend it from being something purely physical. Spirituality, in its simplest terms, is a search for meaning and purpose in life. It can involve moral or emotional aspects of life.
“In a spiritual encounter, all relationships are seen as mirrors of the self, while the heart remains open to freely express and receive love without possessiveness.”
― Michael Mirdad,
In a broader sense, it includes what connects the world to the supernatural, or one’s spiritual side. Sexuality on the other hand is the natural inclination of human sexuality towards sexual activity and physical intimacy.
Spirituality and sexuality are deeply connected because they are both an expression of love and enjoyment of human physicality with its senses and emotions, but they manifest differently as they differ in their respective subject matter, form, and objects. The connection between spirituality and sexuality is not always something that people are aware of, however, it is there.
Practicing proper spirituality can provide you comfort and emotional support when there are struggles in life. Spirituality can also be considered sexual (i.e., the act of connecting with another person spiritually) because the intimacy shared through sex is powerful and meaningful.
Spirituality, when understood as a higher order of being or energy in the world that everything is connected with and can be touched by, has a deep connection to sexuality. The idea of being one with another person on all levels and being spiritually connected is one that many singles search for in their sexual relationships.
Emotional intimacy and physical intimacy are two aspects of spirituality that we can connect to sexuality. This connection is the reason why people derive so much pleasure from sex. Know that spirituality and sexuality are not foreign to one another, but they have a deep connection.
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