How To Bloom In the Desert

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The, desert, is a harsh, dry place sometimes called the, wilderness, and most of us have to go through it to get to our promised land.  In this episode of, 5 min Fridays with coach Myrna, I teach you how to, bloom, in the, desert.

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You have to go through the desert

There is no, promised land, if you don’t go through the, wilderness. You have to go through the, desert, to get to your, promised land.

You can’t drive by in your air conditioned vehicle. You have to spend some time in the, wilderness, and learn how to bloom in the dry harsh conditions.

You have to go through something to get to something

There is no, promised land, if you don’t go through the, wilderness. You have to go through something to get to your, promised land.

In the Bible, the term “Promised Land” refers to a specific region of land that God endowed to His chosen people, as part of their heritage. (Genesis 12Genesis 26:3Genesis 28:13) God first gave this pledge of land to Abraham saying, “I will establish your borders from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, and from the desert to the Euphrates River.” He then reiterated the vow to Abraham’s descendants until the time came for His people to claim their inheritance.

The people of Israel wandered in the, wilderness, for 40 years before they were ready to inherit the promise.

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You have to spend time in the wilderness, you can’t drive through

You have to spend some time in the, wilderness. You can’t pass through in your air conditioned vehicle. You have to spend some time in the, wilderness. The, wilderness, is your in between place. You have to spend time there, but God does not intend for you to stay there. God did not intend for you or the people of Israel to die in the, wilderness.

If you die in the, wilderness, then you were never supposed to inherit, the promised land.

God promises to make a way out of no way, but in order for you to understand that promise you have to find yourself in a situation with no way out.

The pandemic was a, desert place, over a million people died. We couldn’t drink from our church, our family, our jobs, all the places we drank from was closed off to us.

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God sends help in the desert

The profit Elijah found himself in the, desert, and God sent him to a brook where the ravens fed him. Find your brook.  What is feeding you in your, desert place?

God says that no weapons formed against you shall prosper, he did not say the weapons will not be formed. You have to hold on and find the strength to fight the enemy and the weapons formed against you.

Sometimes you have to spend some time in the, desert place, in the place of loneliness, in the darkness of the night. The promise that joy comes in the morning is your scripture of your, promised land. Find your brook and hold on to the promise.

Even if you are in a fruitful place on the mountain top, if you keep walking, you will have to pass through the, desert! Life is made up of hills and valleys.

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Your experience in the wilderness allows you to bloom

If you look back on your life you grew most in your, desert place.

What can cause a desert to blossom into a rose? Roses need water. They don’t do well with intense heat from sun blazing all day. It has no shade.

Is there anyone reading this who has blossomed while living in a concrete jungle?  Who has blossomed living with abusive parents?  Who has blossomed in the desert place of extreme property? Read Viola Davis story and it will give you hope that you could be the rose that, blooms in the, wilderness.

The purpose of the, desert, is to teach you how to walk with the giver of living waters, The Holy Spirit.

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