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This is a new one for me, and I have found that it is perfect for my true crime readings when I want to dig into the perpetrator’s mind. It’s expensive and high quality. The book (140 pages) gives detailed descriptions and explanations about each card and the mental state it represents.

I love doing my major arcana spreads, and this deck is a beautiful, vintage-feeling addition to my collection. This deck is a tribute to the spiritualist movement that began in Hydesville, New York in 1848 – hence the name.

The first time I used this deck on my channel, the reviews were raves! So many love the look of a vintage deck. It isn’t a deck for the riffle shifflers, as the card stock is thick, but it’s super cute if you’re obsessed with vintage-looking decks.

This deck has fit nicely into my readings when I’m looking into situations that are darker or looking into shadow feelings.

While I thought this might be a Halloween-only deck, I will use this one all year. There are 30 cards, and they are illustrated beautifully. They shuffle beautifully.

This is one I discovered through Anna at Fortune Cookies Tarot. It was just so cute; I had to wait for it to come back in stock and then snagged it as soon as Anna let me know it was back in stock.

It’s smaller than a traditional deck, a little slick and gilded gold edging going on.

This deck is what I find myself frequently grabbing when doing Life Purpose readings. It seems to be the perfect fit for helping my clients understand the times and experiences we’re going through.

It also has gold-gilded edges and titles. The imagery draws you in to give you meanings more than just what the words on the card tell ya.

I’m a sucker for Polaroid pictures. And when I saw this deck, I had to have it. It’s got hologram imagery printed on top of the images.

It riffle-shiffles nicely, but I’m going to say that it’s on my list to take more time with. Also, it says that it is a beginner deck, but I’m not so sure that when I was beginning, I would have understood it; just my opinion.

If you’ve watched my channel, you know this is one of my favorite oracles. I swear I had a past life in the South. Or maybe it’s my dad’s roots.

Whatever the case, it’s a deck with vibrant energy and a smooth leathery finish. So you’re not gonna be shuffling like a crazy madman, but you’ll enjoy working with it.

I also got the Haunts expansion pack AND she’s releasing a new deck: The Southern Botanic Oracle that I preordered and CAN NOT wait to get the deck in my hands!

This tiny deck is a challenging deck to work with for me. I don’t always intuitively get the meanings of these cards. I find myself referencing the cheat sheet. And secretly wish I bought the aged imagery version of these cards, not the red ones.

Now, these cards speak to me, and I don’t feel the need always to have the guidebook by my side. I know, twisted mind much?

No matter how twisted they are, they work like a charm when it comes to reading about darker situations/ souls.

The Pulp Tarot has long been a fan fave on my YouTube channel. The imagery on the deck is vintage fun that really helps you to get the messages that will pull you right in.

This is a deck that just arrived, and I love it. It’s slightly smaller than a standard tarot deck, and the quality is fantastic! It has a glossy finish making you think it’s plastic, but it isn’t. The pictures in the listing for this deck don’t do it justice!

This deck has gotten a lot of reaction on my YouTube channel. It’s definitely got some risque and creepy art, but damn, if it isn’t going to give you a new way of looking at your the information coming through in your readings.

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