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Clear Quartz is associated with the crown chakra. Located at the top of your head, this chakra is your spiritual center. It’s the path to enlightenment, spirituality, and the connection to higher guidance.

When you work with Clear Quartz you are opening that path.

The crown chakra uses quartz to remove any blockage and assure you that your chakra is clear and spinning. You’ll feel your mind open up and probably feel freer than you have in a long time. 

It can also be used to align and activate all the chakras together.

Clear Quartz is all about healing and spiritual growth. It’s its passion. It loves it more than pimps love canes. And we are here for every minute of it!

It reaches deep down to the depths of your soul. Moving through your inner being healing everything on its route. Clear Quartz is an all-around soul cleanser. 

You can see how this rock is so in touch with our body, mind, and soul. It makes perfect sense that it relates to all the elements of the Earth. The well-roundedness of Clear Quartz wills it in perfect unity with nature.

It also works in unison with the beyond. A Clear Quartz crystal enhances the psychic ability of those who are blessed with it. This powerful light bringer opens the gateways we don’t see with our naked eye. Allowing you to be more attuned to receive messages from other realms or foresee something in the future’s path. 

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Here’s how to force out that fucking fierce funk — say that 10 times fast. 

Working with Clear Quartz is fun and easy. 

Begin by setting your intention. Hold the quartz in your hands. Keep a positive mindset and be ready to accept its vibrations. Say a mantra out loud.

Here are some ideas to start with. You can build off of these:

  • “With the support of this crystal, I allow myself to become balanced and whole again”

  • “I set my intent to hone my psychic ability and strengthen it” 

  • “I surrender my emotions so with the help of this crystal they can be restored”

Really just whatever you feel inside of your soul. Set that intention. This is an important step to take each time you work with your stone.

After, place your stone where you need it the most. 

Your home is a great place to start. Place a Clear Quartz in a room you typically hang out in so that it fills the space with its energy.

Do you like to Netflix and chill? Then put it on a shelf in your living room so you can constantly soak up those positive vibes.

Prefer to Netflix and “chill”? Wink wink. Put a piece on your dresser to ensure your bedroom is filled with energy.

Maybe you’re more accustomed to Netflix and munch. Leave a piece on your kitchen window sill to feel its healing cleanse as you make a peanut butter and banana sandwich because you, my friend, are probably stoned. But, let me warn you to be careful by not placing it in a spot where it will beam the sun rays in and set your home on fire. Remember when those future jailbird kids used to set ants on fire with a magnifying glass? Same idea.

Place it in a shared workspace like an office, dorm room, or any spot tensions are high. This way your Clear Quartz will get to work purifying the atmosphere for everyone. Bringing a little more relaxation, peace, and even creativity into the room. What to know here is to NOT put it next to your computer because Quartz will magnify those bad EMFs coming off of your equipment which is so no bueno.

You can keep it in your pocket. That way the energy hangs with you all day. Every time you touch your pocket it will be a reminder that you are safe from all negativity.  

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