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Addiction is a powerful thing. When it rears its ugly head it can take control of your whole body. And eventually your whole life. While treatment or help from a professional is always the first step to recovery, crystals can be a great tool to help you along your journey.

Sometimes it may feel like there is no hope out there. Like sobriety is unattainable. But that isn’t true. In fact, there is a whole spiritual squad out there ready to extend a helping hand. 

The powerful vibrations that emit from healing crystals can help guide your mind and body towards your ultimate goal, recovery. Once you grasp the nature of how they help, you will feel more powerful as you take control of your life.

According to drugfree.org 240 million people worldwide are dependent on alcohol, more than 1 billion people smoke, and just about 15 million people use injection drugs. And addictionhope.com shows statistics that 70 million Americans suffer from food addiction.

It might sound silly or unbelievable that a crystal could help you get sober. You’re thinking “if that was the case addicts all over would be walking around with healing crystals in their pockets instead of crystal meth”. Touché. But hear me out, if you work with a crystal, even just a few times, you will see how they can alter your way of thinking.

As mentioned before, first you need to seek help from a professional. Check out your local AA/NA, talk to a mental health professional, talk to your doctor, or ask a friend or family member for help on what to do. After you’ve headed in the right direction you can start exploring crystals as a healing method.

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It’s stressful enough going through all the steps to get past your addiction. Then to have to go search for tools to help along the way is an added task. Some people just don’t have the energy or willpower to do it all.

I’d like to help by removing a step. Here I’m sharing 8 crystals that could be a perfect fit to help you fight back and stand strong in the eyes of addiction.


Let’s start strong. Amethyst is a great stone for all addictions — including food addiction. It helps bring balance to your life. Encouraging people who are giving something up to easily let go of cravings. When you feel balanced you no longer seek the feeling of being in a fog.

The Greek word for Amethyst translates into “not drunk”. Making it especially powerful for those struggling with alcohol addiction. It was said in Greek myths that if you kept an amethyst in your mouth you will drink all night without getting drunk. I hope it was just a saying and these ancient people weren’t walking around a party with stones in their mouths. Major choking hazard, guys. But instead, just meant that its vibes are all you need to feel fulfilled.

Amethyst helps block triggers around you that may lead to a craving.

And if you’re already experiencing a craving it helps quiet those troublesome thoughts.


While marijuana is not as frowned upon as most other drugs — it’s legal in 16 beautiful states — there are still folks who would like to stop smoking. Whatever your reason Carnelian can give you a hand. 

People often smoke weed to relieve stress and anxiety. It has a calming effect on the mind and body. if you’re trying to cut down you’re in luck because so does Carnelian. It can help you unwind as you work with it.

Often people smoke to ease depression. Carnelian helps lift depression and radiate positivity throughout your life. It also inspires you to live your life to the fullest. Giving you the energetic life you need to get out and be productive.

Mary Jane is also used as a sleep aid. Like her, Carnelian can help you restore your natural sleep cycle. Put it under your pillow for it to work at its full potential.


Sometimes addicts have a problem realizing their actions affect the people around them. When you suffer so do your friends and family. Ruby helps you to see that and work through it. Realizing you impact the lives of those who love you can be a reminder to stay clean. In turn, this helps to stimulate your own self-awareness.

Ruby helps you stay energized. This can lend a hand in keeping you busy. The less time you have to daydream the less you may think of a pass time when you were using. 

When you work with a Ruby you are also working on detoxifying yourself on physical and emotional levels. It deep-cleans within to restore your damage and begin anew. 

Tigers Eye

If you want to get clean but lack the courage to figure out where to start, get yourself a Tigers Eye. This stone gives you the strength you need to do what’s right for you. It can be hella stressful trying to kick any habit. Tigers Eye lowers self-doubt and gives your mind the clarity you need to push forward.

It’s basically the Oprah of gems. “You get some clarity!” “You get some courage!” “You get some strength!” 


If you’re at all familiar with crystals you know that Selenite is one powerful cleanser. Thus the reason it is a go-to for helping people get clean. It purifies your body and the environment around you. And also protects you from negative energy. When you’re on a dark downward spiral this is exactly what you need to work with.

It’s particularly popular in helping cocaine addicts. Users of cocaine seek out a high that keeps you up and gives you energy. While Selenite does the exact opposite by calming you down, it could be exactly what you need to raise the awareness of your mind. Helping you realize you don’t need the high to be happy.

It also promotes harmony in relationships with your friends and family. This comes in handy for any addict. Your family loves you. Sometimes you just don’t realize they are trying to help you, not hurt you. Working with Selenite can help you to realize the relationships you have are important and need to be properly nurtured so you can get back to living a normal life.


Sunstone can help people struggling with food addiction. Food triggers the pleasure center of our brain and for some people, it’s damn near impossible to resist food. Tasting carbs, fats, sweets, and basically all the delicious unhealthy stuff releases dopamine and serotonin causing a high-like effect. 

If you’re fighting the true food fight add Sunstone to your army and head into battle. Working with it can help curb your appetite. It can also help increase your metabolic rate. 

And if your food addiction is making you feel depressed this ball of sunshine is here to chase your blues away. Sunstone helps dispel depression. It then replaces it with an “I can do anything!” attitude.

Rose Quartz

You may think “but this stone is for love”. You’re not wrong. But Rose Quartz isn’t only for love. Healing and balancing your heart chakra is vital when entering recovery. Chances are your heart is broken, you’ve had a rough run, and you just need to do a little mending.

It also improves your confidence level. Steps like these make it easier when you’re going through a tough time. Especially since Rose Quartz improves relationships as well. That’s not limited to intimate ones. This means with family members, peers, your best friend, or whoever you may have pissed off in the past.


A marvelous banisher of all things negative. I saved this one for last because it’s basically a must when you’re going through some shit. Hematite helps to balance your mind and clear all negative feelings from within.

When you’re ready to fight negativity Hematite is right by your side. Telling your demons to come get these hands because you’re ready to throw down like you’re the third monkey in line for Noah’s Ark and it’s starting to rain.

It also lowers stress and anxiety. I’m telling you, this little guy packs a punch. Just the one you need to snap back to reality and reach your sobriety goals.


Using crystals for addiction recovery can be excellent for your mental health. Whether you’re thinking about getting help for an addiction, already going through the steps of recovery, or you’re just trying to stay on the wagon, consider adding one of these crystals to your healing sessions.

Meditating with your stone is one way of really applying the crystal to your life. Feel it heal your body and mind when you meditate even for just 15 minutes with your crystal. Speak your goals into existence and really believe you can do it. Because you can!

It’s also helpful to carry your healing stone with you. Keep it in your pocket, bag, or wallet. If you’re a cigarette smoker place the stone in the pocket you would normally carry your cigs. Not only will the vibrations be with you all day but when you see or feel your powerful partner it’s a reminder to stay on track.

You can also place one or many crystals in spaces you may need them the most. Do you usually use in the bathroom? Put a stone in there. Would you like to keep yourself from going in the fridge? A crystal in your kitchen not only looks nice but can be very effective. Maybe you drive your car to the liquor store. Keep one in a visible space to stop you from making that trip.

Again, crystals are not the same as seeking professional help for treatment. But they are an excellent accessory to bring on the path to recovery. Add them into your life to heal you and bring back the joy you know you can have. 

Already feel drawn to one of these gems? Search for it in my shop. Or feel free to explore until you find the one that calls to you. *Big hug* Good luck on this adventure.

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