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Ruby alone is known for encouraging you to follow your bliss wherever it may lead. It gives you the passion you need to achieve your aspirations. We’re all out here trying to chase some type of goal. Break out your vision board baby because, big or small, this crystal is ready to help make your dreams a reality. Ruby stimulates your intuition to guide you during your pursuit of happiness.

Ruby also helps to overcome exhaustion. Tired as hell? You’re not alone. But how will you achieve all those goals when you have literally zero energy? Ruby helps to get those energetic juices flowing. Pumping your body with the positive vibes you need. All the while providing you with limitless potential so you can get out there and do you.

It also has some pretty great effects on the body. Ruby helps stimulate your reproductive system. And also assists in giving your kidneys and spleen some attention, too. Channeling its energy to these parts of your body can give it a little boost when needed.

Ruby in Kyanite helps to treat disorders of the muscular system, throat, and brain. It can help to detox those areas helping them function stronger and longer.

Kyanite is used as a natural pain reliever. Eliminating pain from the body when used during a healing session or Reiki. Sometimes it’s even used to fight off infections that are causing pain.

Ruby is often used to help those recovering from addiction and self-harm. Giving them the strength to move past that tough stage and into recovery. Check out 8 Helpful Crystals For Addiction Recovery to learn more.

When working with Ruby’s energy, Kyanite prevents negative thoughts from piling up. If you’re in a bad place or your mindset has just not been what it usually is you need to do something about it. Oftentimes people just continue to drag on day by day. And to that, I say what — and I can’t stress this enough — the fuck? It doesn’t have to be this way! It’s time for you to take charge and lift your spirits when you’re being suffocated by bad energy. And Ruby Kyanite does just that.

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When it comes to dreamland, Ruby Kyanite is going to be your go-to stone. It makes a massive difference when trying to recall your dreams. 

Have you been trying to decipher what a particular dream means? Or grasp on to a dream you continue to have but never finish? Or even remember your dreams in the first place? Don’t worry, Ruby Kyanite has your back.

Not everyone remembers their dreams. Frankly, that can get annoying especially if you are trying to figure out something you can’t get out of your mind. Usually, dreams are something within us. Whether they be stress-related, a loved one reaching out, or our subconscious telling us what to do, most likely your dream means something.

Become more aware while dreaming when you sleep with a Ruby Kyanite under your pillow. This will help you to become more in tune with your dream realm. 

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