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Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the Ametrine meaning and all the wonders it has in store for you let’s take a step back and get into the basic info.

Ametrine is also known as trystine or bolivianite. Bolivianite is typically its trade name but in the metaphysical world, it is most commonly known as Ametrine. This name unmistakably comes from the combination of Amethyst and Citrine.

It is mined in Bolivia and is a naturally occurring variety of quartz. Once combined it unites masculine and feminine energies. Opening up a world of healing properties.

Plus this crystal is so goddamn radiant. Wait till you see this gem. It has zones of beaming purple and vibrant yellow while being nearly transparent. Often you can find a hint of orange hiding in there. It’s a true babe.

One of the most alluring features is that it now amplifies the energy of whoever owns it. Ametrine’s energy is so strong when it comes to magnifying energy it could punch a hole through thin air. And you get to be blessed with that kind of energy! 

Let’s dig further into the individual healing properties of these two stones. 

Citrine Properties

Citrine is a yellow, orangish stone which just by looking at it you can tell symbolizes positivity. It radiates happiness and that’s what we are going for here. Don’t you want someone to look at you and go “wow, they look like they’re glowing!”? Citrine soaks your spirit with these vibes. 

It’s popular to use when in need of some artistic inspiration. Citrine gets those creative juices flowing and allows you to put all your energy into your creations. 

It also encourages a positive attitude and rids you from negativity. Nothing can bring you down when you work with this stone. Ha, to bring you down they’re going to have to reach you because you have Citrine on your side. Nothing can get through that barrier.

It also helps you manifest wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Feel your life become more plentiful when you work with it. Mindset matters and when you have Citrine you can be sure you’re on the right path. 

Amethyst Properties

Amethyst is a widely popular stone for crystal enthusiasts. Like Citrine it repels negative energy. So you can imagine the negative blocking power Ametrine has is pretty gnarly.

This stone dissolves anger, fear, and anxiety. Helping to ease your mind and body from all the negativity life is handing you at the moment. Working with Amethyst helps you understand that when you are having a moment of anger or anxiety you can stop yourself and easily let go of that emotion.

It also helps alleviate grief and sadness. Yes, it isn’t easy when you are going through something which is causing you pain. Whether it be the end of a relationship, the loss of a loved one, or the end of a chapter in your life, Amethyst can help ease the pain and assist you in moving on.

Amethyst can also relieve stress and irritability. Yes, I’m talking to you. Don’t look at me like you aren’t easily irritated at times. Oh, that comment irritated you? Got it. 

It happens to us all. And with this crystal, you can soothe those feelings until they are nonexistent. And even balance your mood swings if that’s an issue you deal with.

Once Amethyst and Citrine are combined by our wonderful mother nature Ametrine is born. This holds a complete balance of qualities from both crystals to create the Ametrine properties you get to work with.

This stone now promotes balance and connection within your body.

Work with it to relieve any tension you have been holding inside. Let it all go and allow Ametrine to replace your tensity with serenity, harmony, and peace.

It helps to balance your self-confidence and mental stability. Working with them to restore any crossed wires that are telling you that you are no good. You are amazeballs! Let it shine bright. Gone are the days when you felt unworthy, or worse. Ametrine helps settle those terrible thoughts and opens the door for you to work on developing new ones. Start with mantras like “I believe in myself”, “I am strong” or “I can do anything” and go from there.

This stone also brings out your inner strength. Which will help with the above-mentioned points. Now your confidence is flying high, your inner strength is unbeatable, and your inner balance should feel incredible.

It also helps to release negative energy from your aura. Wiping the slate clean and allowing for fresh energy to immerse your body. It then seals your auric field. This holds your energy allowing you to keep it as your own. 

Ametrine is also a great crystal if you’re struggling with any type of addiction. It helps with letting go of bad habits. It allows you to enhance your own personal will. When the time comes it will help you feel strong enough to say “it’s a no for me, dawg”, Randy Jackson style. Lord knows it’s tough to say no but regularly working with Ametrine helps to turn unhealthy habits into a new way of living.

It’s particularly helpful if you suffer from food addiction. It not only gives you the strength to say no when you feel like it’s impossible but it also aids in weight loss. Ametrine gives you the control you need to make healthy choices for your body.

As for chakra healing, an Ametrine crystal connects the higher energy of your crown chakra to the personal power in your solar plexus chakra. This connects physical and mental planes together. And dun dun dun, it looks like we have a triple threat on our hands. Turns out it also helps release blocked energy in your third eye chakra.

As Amethyst works to alleviate sadness, Citrine busts its butt to bring you happiness. You can trust that together they will guide you down an abundant path.

Ametrine is here to expand your crystal healing. The way these two crystals have blended together to create pure magic will get you out of any rut. You’ll quickly notice you’ve moved into a more positive, blissful state! Soon your shitty days will be replaced with sunny ones.

Do you hear a more peaceful life calling? Are you ready to bring Ametrine into your healing sesh or carry a piece with you? Delightful! Take my hand and let me guide you to my shop at the top of the page. I have a gorgeous piece of Ametrine waiting for you.

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