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Do you layer your crystal jewelry? Calculating the ideal length for each gem to sit perfectly around your neck. Trying to flawlessly coordinate the colors, and sizes, and chains with your outfit. Maybe you slap on some beaded bracelets to match. Mirror twirl and you’re ready to slay the day. Now, don’t you look so damn cute, I bet you sweat glitter.

But as you’re going through your day, you notice you feel…

Tired, cranky, irritated.


Hyper, talkative, and overly excited.

Psst, lean in I have something to tell you. This could be your fault! I don’t mean to be blunt but honey you did this to yourself.

It’s quite possible that you’re wearing two or more stones that are clashing.

But before you go all bonkers and rip off your brand new bloodstone let me take a moment to elaborate on what crystals work well together — and what crystals don’t go together.

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Are You Causing Crystal Chaos

The question of the day is, can all healing crystals go together? Whether you’re wearing them or working with them the simple answer is… kind of. There are some guidelines that you need to keep in mind. In order to achieve the energy you want you may need to keep from wearing certain crystals together. Or from working with them at the same time.

In theory, healing crystals can do no wrong. But they are all unique and carry their own magic. So logic tells us that they can’t all work perfectly together 100% of the time. Just as all things in nature —humans, plants, animals — don’t always mesh, neither do they. 

The trick is intention. It’s all about the thought you put into them

Let’s say you’re wearing a Moonstone necklace because you’d like to achieve inner growth but you’ve noticed you’re feeling a little too relaxed. Your problem is you need to feel energized because you’re out there doing big things, hence the inner growth. You might want to think about what crystals you’ve got on.

Aha! You’re also wearing a Malachite necklace. Unintentionally the Malachite is probably amplifying the calming property in Moonstone. But they look sooooo cute together. Don’t fret just yet.

This is where your intent comes in. Before you put on the Moonstone work with it for a few minutes. Let it know you are wearing it for inner strength and growth. This way it feels what energy it needs to release and you can now wear that cute ass Malachite necklace, too.

So you see where I’m going with this? 

Another possibility is that two of the stones you are working with are canceling each other out. Yeah, they look beautiful ornamenting your body or sitting on your alter but they’re doing nada for your energy. And let’s face it, we’re all in this for that sweet-ass energy consumption. Conflicting crystals can become a problem.

Take Citrine and Blue Lace Agate as an example. Citrine boosts energy, it clears and balances your solar plexus chakra to allow a flow of constant energy. Blue Lace Agate is a calming stone. It has the ability to soothe the mind and calm your body. Both of these stones work well alone but when you put them together they will literally become useless.

This might not matter to you. They look adorable and that’s what you were going for. Totally cool. But if you were working with them during a mediation healing session you wouldn’t feel the same way. You’re there for the exhilarating vibes and there is no time for crystals that don’t mesh. Before you begin your session double-check the healing properties of the crystals you’re using. 

Bonus: if you buy crystals from my shop each one comes with a description so you won’t have to worry about a crystal clash!

How To Spot Conflicting Crystals

Have you felt a weight around your neck? As if a brick was hanging off it instead of a gem. That right there is a sign that you are wearing too many crystals for your energy. Your body will let you know. You’ll feel heavy and become aware that something is not right.

This means vibrations were being sent from every which way and your body was letting you know “I’m going to have to stop you right there”. 

That’s awesome though, right? Our inner power is so in tune with us that it can let us know when it is unbalanced. Continue to stay aware of those feelings.

That way you can rock all the right gems and rock them you will!

Stay conscious of how your crystals make you feel during meditation. If you’re in a session and you aren’t getting any spiritual feelings or you’re overwhelmed by a certain emotion you could be working with the wrong stones. This is exactly how you will know what’s wrong. It’s all about the feels. 

What Crystals Work Well Together 

If you’re worried you are sending yourself on a crystal chaos down word spiral, stop right there. I’ve come to your rescue. There are a couple of general rules you can remember to stop yourself from over-energizing or canceling out crystals. 

You can start by remembering that blue stones such as Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, and Sodalite bring energy down. Cool colors tranquilize and soothe. So any crystals you work with that are light or dark blue, indigo, violet, or any shade of blue in between will always lower your vibes. These stones are meant to chill you out like you’re smoking a joint laying on a bed of rose petals as Enya plays in the background.

Then we have the high-energy stones. These are warm colors like red, orange, and yellow. You know that if you’re working with Sunstone, Tigers Eye, or Garnet as examples, you are gaining some active vibes. You’ll work with this type of crystal when you need to get shit done.

Green stones will normally balance everything out. So if you feel compelled to work with Emerald or Jade you can lean back and relax because energy will typically be neutral. 

This can also help you figure out what crystals should not be kept together. This way you aren’t canceling out any potential healing properties. An active crystal can damage the powers of other crystals when kept in the same space.

Now the next thing you’ll want to think about is what you’re pairing with these stones. We already learned that if you wear one high-energy stone with a calming stone then you are canceling them both out. 

It’s best if you keep opposing color energy far away from each other when working with or wearing crystals.

If you do choose opposing colors, work with them first. Crystals might repel each other if they aren’t bonded. Set your intent before you wear or work with them so they can get the feel of their vibes together first. If you bond them they will feel more comfortable engaging with a stone of the opposite energy. 

If you’re working with only one type of crystal how do you know if you are amplifying its energy?

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, you must have a Malachite or Clear Quartz nearby! These crystals are super-dee-duper energy amplifiers. They will shake shit up so that the lows are very low and the highs are very high. 

Try working with stones that have the same energy vibrations. This way you won’t have to worry so much if things are getting all jumbled up. 

If you’re thinking to yourself “umm, what about chakra colors?” I see where you’re coming from. Plenty of jewelry, wands, and stones have all of the chakra colors in them. The good news is when placed together these colors only work magic. No need to worry. 

And if you’d like to wear stones that specifically calm your chakras (instead of the colors we know and love that accompany them— which tend to liven them up) here are the colors to stick to:

Green – Root chakra

Light blue – Sacral chakra

Purple – Solar plexus chakra

Red – Heart chakra

Orange – Throat chakra

Yellow or Orange – Third eye chakra

Yellow – Crown chakra

For a few worry-free crystal combinations try working with:

  • Fire Opal and Emerald for an early morning boost and to help calm nerves.

  • Citrine and Smoky Quartz for inner peace and strength.

  • Rose Quartz and Amethyst for deep love connection and spiritual alignment.

Give It A Try

Now that you’ve been fairly warned on how to not make any improper crystal combinations you should explore what stones feel right for you. 

The key to making sure you aren’t confusing the universe with your insane crystal chaos is setting your intent. Make sure to constantly work with the universe to create the outcome you are looking for. Always recognize that you and the universe are one, you’re buds, soul mates, chums. 

Remember, nothing is set in stone (like my pun?). As long as you establish your intentions you can keep on stackin’ sis! Working with or wearing multiple crystals is meant to be fun and healing so don’t stress too much what you are doing right or wrong. Stay familiar with the crystals you work with and your vibes will be a-ok.

Did any of the aforementioned crystal combos catch your eye? Now that you’re a mix and matching manifesting pro use the handy search bar in my shop to look for these crystals and many more. 

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