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Do you ever stare into a bright full moon and feel its magical beams pierce straight into your soul? You can feel her divine energy fill your spirit, healing you within. Your eyes get lost scanning for craters. You take a deep breath and let it sink in. Taking in all her glory.

Now imagine you could carry a little piece of that full moon magic with you. Even when a full moon is weeks away.

Working with Moonstone is like using the energy of the moon as a tool anytime, anywhere. Doesn’t that sound exciting!?

If you’re in need of some inner growth and emotional stability you are looking into the right stone. Regularly taking in the moonstone healing properties can be useful to you not only physically but also intuitively.

So get psyched to find out how Moonstone benefits your personal life, love life, and emotional wellbeing.

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Let’s nerd out for a minute…

Moonstone is a feldspar gem and has often been highly prized. Other well-known feldspar gems are Amazonite, Labradorite, Sunstone, and Orthoclase. Moonstone is a variety of Orthoclase which is a mineral that makes up around 60% of the Earth’s crust. 

When you look at a Moonstone you might feel as if you’re looking into a body of water that has the moonlight dancing on its surface. That wicked cool effect is called adularescence. It creates that sheen look that mirrors moonlight gleaming in water.

Moonstones are typically white and grey with an opalescent look. Like a pearl. But there are other types as well. They come in different colors like blue, black, peach, and pink. These have additional Moonstone properties within themselves. There are also the Rainbow Moonstone and Star Moonstone. 

This little light beam can be found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Norway, and Australia. 

It was very popular among ancient Romans. They believed you could see the Goddess Diana in the crystal. She was recognized for being the protector of childbirth. And since Moonstone — as we will learn — is associated with fertility, femininity, and much more this sounds like our Goddess match made in heaven. Romans also say that when worn it is a talisman of love and fortune. 

They used a saying that referred to Moonstone as a “collective beam of moonlight in solid form”. Which is a pretty valid description.

In India, they use it as a tool to enhance clairvoyance. Moonstone properties are very powerful when it comes to enhancing your intuition. This bomb ass babe opens up your perception clearing the way and allowing you to be sensitive to things beyond what we can all see and hear.

During the European Art Nouveau period, Moonstone was super popular. If you’re not familiar with this era don’t worry you actually probably are. It’s a know-it-when-you-see-it type of thing. Especially when it comes to jewelry. Today you would probably think of it as antique or vintage but still mesmerizing, I promise. 

For a while, Moonstone wasn’t as popular. Then came the 1960’s and all was groovy in the Moonstone business. It was a popular item among the flower power people and helped give their outfits the out-of-this-world touch they were looking for.

It dropped off again for a while. But as always our beloved Moonstone made a comeback. This time in the ’90s. The New Age scene emerged and us witchy woo’s have been keeping it alive every since.

The history of Moonstone is pretty everlasting. Only a bitchin’ baddie could revive herself again and again. 

And now for the reasons our sister stone has taken over our hearts for good. Using the energy it harvests from the moon, the Moonstone benefits you get from working with it are extremely therapeutic. 

You may have noticed I’ve referred to this stone with feminine pronouns. That is because like the moon, Moonstone embodies feminine energy. 

It balances hormonal cycles which makes it excellent to work with for PMS. It’s also helpful when it comes to conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. The girl power is strong with this one. 

Uh-oh, I feel men leaving the room and closing the door behind them. Don’t feel discouraged just yet gents. Moonstone is beneficial for dudes who are working on opening up more. It helps them to dig deep into their emotions. It makes it easier for men who are not used to sharing their feelings, unbottling those emotions deep within.

Moonstone is a jewel for new beginnings. If you’re in search of inner growth and gaining the strength to start fresh then get ready because your journey begins now. This skillful stone is packed with vibrations that encourage you to feel inspired to live a successful lifestyle. Success looks different for everyone. Whatever that means for you, make your intentions clear while working with it and success will soon follow.

Speaking of success, it also promotes good fortune when it comes to business endeavors. Are you starting a new business or project? Or maybe your business isn’t doing as well as it once was. While honest hard work is what truly makes a business flourish, meditating with a Moonstone and setting your intentions with the universes can help a great deal.

It also brings good fortune in love. Ready to find someone you will want to annoy you, I mean to love you, for the rest of your life? Moonstone can be your guide to love everlasting. 

Moonstone is great at soothing emotional instability. It’s ok for our emotions to be all wonky sometimes. But the important thing is to get the fuck out of that funk. It’s like standing in a puddle while it rains, there’s nothing wrong with it but it isn’t very productive. Neither is having unbalanced emotions. 

Once you stabilize your emotions you will also release a great deal of stress. Providing your mind and body with calmness and relaxation. You’ll feel the difference in the energy that flows through you.

This is because Moonstone embodies yin’s passive and relaxing energy.

Moonstone also aids your digestive system. It assimilates nutrients allowing for a smoother flow in your stomach. It also eliminates toxins in your body. It puts the good shit in and takes the bad shit out. Even relieving fluid retention. 

If you suffer from a degenerative condition of the skin, eyes, or fleshy organs — like the liver and pancreas — use Moonstone to aid your healing. The black and pink stones are known to help the most in lessening these types of diseases. 

Did Moonstone’s hypnotic effect pull you in? Same! Use its mystical moon vibes to link you to that all-powerful Goddess energy. Moonstone helps you believe in yourself so you can kick start a new, stronger look at life. You deserve that.

Follow your intuition — and me! — to my shop at the top of the page. There is a piece of tumbled Moonstone waiting to add deep levels of crystal healing to your life.

And check out my Rainbow Moonstone to bring balance, harmony, and hope to your healing session. While also strengthening your psychic intuition. 

Moonstone is wonderful at healing and great for empowering yourself. Harness all that our mighty moon has to offer. You’ll be glad you did.

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