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Labradorite Meanings

Metaphysically speaking, the Labradorite stone is one of magical transformation that helps you become more aware of your intuitive abilities so you can discern your true path. Working with Labradorite helps you to accelerate your spiritual growth.

Many people associate Labradorite with the Moon, especially the New Moon when it’s the perfect time to set intentions and focus on your potential for the next month. Its rainbow personality reminds you that anything is possible just as if you were wishing upon a star!

The different colors that you may see flash in your own piece of Labradorite have many meanings and I think that when you pick a specific piece of Labradorite, you’re subconsciously choosing the areas in your spiritual journey that you seek to work on.

Red: The color for the Root Chakra to help ground you and relieve you of fear. Red is the color of our survival instincts and connection to the earth. Red expresses passion, danger, anger, celebration, and joy. 

Orange: The color for your Sacral Chakra helping you to raise your passion. Orange allows for a feeling of liberation and helps to get creative juices flowing. As the creative juices get flowing, orange also gives the energy to put those creative ideas into action. Also helps to release deeply buried feelings.

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