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Here are my tips on how to work with my True Crime & Conspiracy Deck.

I created the True Crime & Conspiracy Oracle Deck because I needed this divination tool.

When I started doing my true crime readings on YouTube, I used the Haunted House Tarot to work with the images to connect me with the events of the crime I was reading and feeling.

But it felt constrictive to me as some crimes are more challenging for me to get with that deck.

I also didn’t want to draw some janky pictures and laminate them, and I didn’t find a deck on the market that I resonated with.

But when I wanted to look into my tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, I didn’t have nor could I find a tool to adapt to those topics.

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When working with the deck, you can choose to use all 151 cards in your readings or separate them into category piles – basically any way you want to work with the deck; the choice is yours.

I most times have my deck separated into two decks. One deck for True Crime and one deck for Conspiracies. What cards fall into each deck depends on the subject at hand.

For instance, if I’m reading a crime story and there is no child involved, I will remove that and other cards that aren’t relevant to facts as are known at the reading. However, you never know… sometimes, leaving cards in that you don’t believe applicable at the time adds another dimension of information.

For extra information, I tend to also work with my divination tokens*(Affiliate link) and pendulum to get more gold nuggets to bring an extra layer to any reading.

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