Do Vision Boards Really Work To Make Your Dreams Come True?

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A vision board will help you define your goals, and may even move you closer to your goals more quickly. Now, before you stop me and say this subject is way to woo-woo for you, let me just put some ideas before you.

  • The Law of Attraction, popularized by The Secret in 2006, sparked many people to create vision boards, many with astounding results.
  • Without inspired action, your vision board will not “work,” but when you intentionally focus on the images you choose, you will gravitate toward them and choose activities that transport you in the right direction.
  • Athletes use visualization to train for competition, increasing their ability to match their physical achievements to the pictures in their minds. Jack Nicklaus used visualization to become one of the greatest golfers ever. He said, “I never make the stroke until I know it’s going in.”
  • Daily visual affirmations help you realize your goals better because you are training your brain, mind, and spirit to “know” what it’s like to experience your realized goals with all of your senses.
  • It makes no difference your race, creed, education level, country of origin, sex, or any other criteria that defines you in the physical world. Everyone has access to visualization and every one has the power to achieve it.
  • Reminders and reinforcement of your goals help you achieve your goals. Life is so full of distractions that it’s very easy to forget why you’re doing what you’re doing. A visual representation of your goals helps you refocus, at a glance, on what matters to you.

I’ve talked about vision boards before. I’ve shared a conversation with an writer about journaling to help you achieve your goals; a similar, more time consuming habit. I’ve even shared my vision Pinterest board with you. I am one of those who believe that visualizing your success in life will absolutely bring it to reality. If you can’t picture it in your mind’s eye, how can you even progress toward your goals?
visualize our future now.
Many people actually resonate with vision boards because they are visual learners (vs. kinesthetic or auditory learners), and some even need an image understand concepts. But the real value in a vision board is that it takes mere seconds to absorb an image, concentrate on it, and fix it into your thoughts. Unlike an auditory story or an activity involving movement, you take in a vision board instantly. This immediacy allows you to reinforce your goals very quickly several times a day.
I invite you to create a vision board using ideas from the many free online tools available. It will only take a couple of hours, and will be a source of inspiration for you for months — at least until you’re ready to adapt them to your new aspirations! Let me know how it goes. I invite your comments on my Facebook page! 

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