Coaching is a Perk with the Job

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Increasingly when applying, interviewing, and negotiating for a position, candidates are savvy and ask to have coaching included as part of the package.

More and more organizations are looking for ways to support the people they do have on the team in their growth and development because retention is more challenging than ever.  One of the common ways they are doing this is with team, group, and individual coaching.

The remote workforce comes with many challenges and many organizations help face those challenges by providing coaching for the leaders and team or group coaching for the remote workforce.

Hybrid working scenarios are increasingly popular which means some people are in the office together while others are working from home.  The two groups may alternate weeks in the office or there may be a permanent arrangement for remote work.  To support the team continuing to function as a team, organizations are providing group or team coaching.

Leaders in the workplace are facing more change than before and often a coach is the key to supporting their success.

What is the reason coaching is the go-to solution in these scenarios?  Because it works.  Because the return on investment in coaching averages 600%.  Because coaching is a powerful tool for supporting how people and teams flex and succeed.  Quite simply, coaching is the resource that makes the most sense.

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