How to Retire in Paradise on a Shoestring Budget

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The Intuitive Edge Podcast If you’ve ever fantasized about living in a distant paradise, an international hub, or any beautiful location overseas, you will enjoy host Victoria  lynn Weston’s conversation with business and lifestyle coach Dawn Fleming.

Dawn’s upcoming book Claim Your Dream Life: How to Retire in Paradise on a Shoestring Budget is your unequivocal invitation and guide to chase those dreams.  Episode #169.  (39:03)

• Questions to ask yourself before taking that first step to claim your dream life
• How international retirement is easier than you would ever think
• Cultural acceptance, adaptation, and tolerance for how others live and act
• 5 ways to save for and continue earning during retirement overseas
• Top 3 ideas to begin planning your escape, chasing your dreams, and traveling the globe
• Debunking top travel myths, especially “But is it safe there?”
• How experiencing different cultures can change—and improve—your life

Dawn Fleming has literally been there and done that, and done that.  She and her husband are actually living their very best life. She and her husband own Overseas Life Redesign, a global coaching and consulting company that encourages others to discover their dreams and turn them into reality just like she did. She also hosts a podcast that shares success stories of international retirement as well as advice for listeners seeking to leave their comfort zone and experience life abroad.

ABOUT Claim Your Dream Life: How to Retire in Paradise on a Shoestring Budget:
Dawn walks readers through every step of an international move, from choosing your location to budgeting for success. Don’t let fears and travel myths deter you. It’s too expensive, and I can’t afford it. False. But is that country safe? Yes. Dawn Fleming’s thorough, fully researched and fully explained advice is accumulated over decades of personal experience.

As an experienced traveler, entrepreneur, international business attorney, and lifestyle consultant, Dawn begins with her central message: No matter where in life, everyone has dreams to discover and pursue. And with some entrepreneur coaching and financial tricks, it becomes easy to. Even if you think it’s too late to achieve that “magic number” needed to retire comfortably, there is a simpler, happier, and richer life waiting for you.

Claim Your Dream Life: How to Retire in Paradise on a Shoestring Budget Paperback 

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