Practice Looking at Things Differently

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It takes courage to decide to grow. The path of growth is new and uncertain. Many people decide to stay the same just because it’s so much more comfortable. It’s easy to keep doing the same things. I think it is super important to shake things up. Challenge yourself- Ask “Why have I always done it this way? or “Could I approach this from a different angle?”

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

Wayne W, Dyer

I saw an Instagram reel where a health coach said- “You ate a whole pizza last night? Who cares? You skipped a workout? Who cares? “You plan on skipping meals today and doing extra long cardio? Wait a minute…” I thought this was pretty fresh. She pointed out that skipping meals and overcompensating with cardio is worse for your metabolism. It was the opposite of what you usually see regarding diet and exercise.

Practice looking at things differently. We usually look at things left to right and up to down on a piece of paper. I like to start from the bottom sometimes. I also like to solve puzzles in the opposite way of my usual strategies  I can see things differently. This makes me think of George’s “opposite day” on Seinfeld. (For those of you who remember Seinfeld but you can also google it- Season 5 Episode 22)

Shift Your Perspective:

Reframe your thoughts (one of my favorites). Change those shoulds or have tos into opportunities and blessings.

See the big picture. The problems you are having often become very small.

Give back. Give your time. Be generous.

Imagine what it would be like to be the other person.

Speak positive words.

Recognize negativity.

Treat yourself well.

Reflection and Choice instead of Reaction. See that you are always at choice.

Follow a series of queries author Byron Katie developed called “The Work” (Amazon):

  • Is this really true?
  • Can I absolutely know for certain, with no doubt at all that this is true?
  • How do I react when I believe this thing?
  • And Who would I be without believing that thought?

By the way, July marks the 7-year anniversary of my near-death experience. Cheers to life, health, and healing! I am so grateful to be here, grateful for you, for my family, for business, for my friends, for being able to take a deep breath and feel the sunshine.

“The more you see yourself as what you’d like to become, and act as if

what you want is already there, the more you’ll activate those dormant

forces that will collaborate to transform your dream into your reality.”

Wayne W. Dyer

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Sheri Kaye Hoff, is a Transformational Business Coach known for inspiring, intuition, vision, and massive action, and being a catalyst for personal and business growth, joy, and profits in a way that is fun, relaxing, and fulfilling. She uses both spiritual and practical techniques to obliterate blocks and create transformational change. Sheri is a business, leadership, happiness, and inner game expert. She has overcome nearly dying and has made it her life mission to share the keys to happiness and success. Learn More About Sheri

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Practice Looking at Things Differently


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