What You Expect From Cosmetic Dentistry In Falls Church, VA?

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When considering cosmetic dentistry, most people envision a Hollywood smile with dazzling white teeth. Since teeth whitening is a popular and successful cosmetic remedy today, cosmetic dentistry is one of the most commonly prescribed dental treatments for those looking to enhance their smile aesthetic. But do you know that enhancing the visual appeal of your smile can invariably improve the overall features of your face? Simply put, cosmetic dentistry can even boost your mood and self-esteem!

If you are a resident of Falls Church, VA, you must have researched the dentist falls church va, who can offer you the right cosmetic dentistry procedures. In the recent past, there has been a rise in restorative dental services in this region. And thankfully, there are now several amazing doctors who are well-equipped to offer the best cosmetic dentistry treatments to those willing to get treated.

In this article, you will learn about the various aspects of cosmetic dentistry you can expect from your visit to a dentist in Fall Church, VA.

1. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening techniques improve the look and wellness of your teeth. As you mature, by eating and drinking various foods and beverages, your teeth’ color inherently fades and accrues stains. Certain illnesses or medications can also induce tooth discoloration. Even though cleaning your teeth and brushing regularly is beneficial to your dental hygiene, it will not reinstate the brightness of your teeth. Teeth whiteners, as prescribed by dentists, can restore the natural whiteness of your teeth, deep clean them, and enhance your smile.

2. Dental Bonding

It is a cosmetic dentistry procedure used to fix a chipped, ruptured, or broken tooth. It also aids in the treatment of discolored teeth, gaps between teeth, and even enlarging a tooth smaller than the rest. The “bond” is made of a composite resin that fills in the cracks in your tooth to make it appear brand new. Unlike a crown (used for fillings), the composite color will be equivalent to the tooth’s color, making it appear natural.

3. Veneers

Veneers are fine, delicate layers of tooth-colored porcelain/veneers bonded onto your teeth. They are used to solidify and reinvigorate your natural tooth structure. If your teeth are stained, flaked, broken, misshapen, or have gaps, veneers may be capable of restoring the framework of your teeth and giving you the smile of your dreams. These wafer-thin, stain-resistant dental veneers provide a more natural look to your teeth and are more attractive for several other dental procedures.

4. Dental Bridge

This can fill the gap in your smile if you have broken or missing teeth. Dental bridges are sturdy and resilient false teeth made of metals like gold or porcelain that mix with your natural teeth. A chipped tooth or teeth can end up causing structural changes in the mouth and jaw, making it more difficult to eat or talk properly. You can reinstate your smile, way of speaking, chewing ability, and face structure with the right dental bridge.


So, now you know what you can expect from a cosmetic dentistry consultation with dentists in Falls Church, VA. However, ensure you do some research because dental procedures need to be done correctly and only by an expert dentist, like any other treatment. By going through the reviews of the doctors and the clinics online, you will be able to pick the right one for yourself in no time.

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