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Amy Moore – Little Luxuries Madison

Retail businesses that make a community more than just restaurants and bars and a few cross streets are needed to bring character and culture to a place.  They can make a locale a destination, as well as give it an interesting vibe.  Independent brick and mortar businesses bring life to a community that otherwise would look like any other town, in any other place.  Stores like these make memories and give a unique character to a place to make it special.

But what does it take to operate a brick and mortar retail store?  How do you know where to build your store, what to stock, how to sell and how to get customers in the door?

Listen as Amy Moore, owner of Little Luxuries on the famous State Street in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, tells us about her journey of entrepreneurship as a small business owner in a place that has a lot of challenges and a lot of fun.



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