Can You Increase Breast Size Naturally?

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Although the different types of breast surgery are always the best solution for breast augmentation. Yet, there are several natural routines that you can follow to enlarge your breasts

Unlike breast augmentation, increasing your breast size by adopting natural solutions has “subjective effects”. 

In other words; if two or more women follow the same natural technique for breast enlargement every day, the result each gets will vary. The outcome is based on each woman’s physical condition and metabolism. 

If you are interested in knowing how to grow your breast size naturally; we explain some natural remedies for breast enlargement in the following. Have a good read!

Natural Oils

Some natural oils work to increase the bust. However, it may take a long while before you start seeing the growth. They include: 

1. Sesame oil

This oil is gotten from sesame seeds. It’s a major source of nutrients like proteins, phosphorus or iron, etc. The oil is an ideal product to improve blood circulation and, thus, will help to increase the size of your breast. 

Massage your breasts with the oil daily to make the oil penetrate your skin and renew dead cells. Thus, making your breast look much firmer and upright. 

2. Fennel oil

This oil is one of the most used components in creams that are designed for breast enhancement. It tightens the skin of the chest area and thus makes the breasts stand firmly. 

It’s also rich in flavonoids, a component that acts in the production of estrogens. As it increases the production of estrogens, the breast size increases visibly. 

You can also use this oil by massaging your breasts with it daily. 

3. Wheat germ oil

This oil improves blood. Hence, it facilitates the effective flow of nutrients and oxygen to your breast. As a result, the breasts can develop and grow a little more. 

In addition, this oil prevents and controls breast sagging. That’s because it’s a major source of vitamin E. It’s therefore a natural remedy and prevention for saggy breasts.

Natural foods

Including foods that increase estrogen in your diet can also help to enhance your breast. We recommend foods like: 

1. Chicken

Chicken contains fibroid estrogen and protein, making it an ideal food for increasing your breast size. It’s advisable to eat it two or three times a week 

2. Parsley

Parsley is another ally to improve the appearance of the bust since It stimulates the production of estrogens and even regularizes hormonal disorders. 

3. Cherries and strawberries

These stimulate estrogen production, even though they don’t contain it. For better results eat them with the skin. 

4. Spinach, artichokes, or lettuce

These also enhance the appearance of the breasts because they improve breast tissue.  

5. Fennel

Apart from using fennel oil, you can also include this vegetable in your diet. Fennel is rich in flavonoids, which stimulate the growth of breast tissue. 

6. Cabbages

This also contains flavonoids and therefore should be included to have a slight increase in breast size. 

Oatmeal, lentils, brown rice, meat, and carrots are some of the foods that you can also consume to increase your bust. 

Note: Fatty foods can indeed help increase the size of your breasts. However, these foods will also increase other parts of your body; like the hips, abdomen, legs, and jowls. Hence, you may want to avoid them or be careful about their consumption. 

Also, note that the size of the breasts depends on genetic factors. Hence, taking a natural diet will only increase the breasts slightly. So, don’t expect to miraculously achieve your desired breast size and volume only with these foods.


Breast enlargement exercises work by exercising the underlying pectoral muscles. At the gym, at home, and even at your desk, here are the workouts you can do to increase the volume of your breasts: 

1. Push-ups

Lie horizontally on a mat while the balls of your feet touch the ground and support your body weight with the palm of your hands. Tilt your arms and lower them as far as you can, maintaining an upright back. Do three sets with 15 reps. 

2. Butterflies

Lie with your back on a bench and extend both arms across your chest. Next, bend your elbows, and let your arms down to make them correspond with the floor. 

Hold that position for 20 seconds and return to the starting position. You can do 3 sets of 20 reps. You can also make use of weights. 

3. Standing Butterflies

While on your feet, stretch out your legs shoulder-width apart and bend your knees a little. Then slowly raise your arms to chest height. Hold the pose for 10 seconds to return to the starting position. 

Do two sets of 20 reps. As in the previous exercise, you can also incorporate weights. 

4. Weight Lifting

Another variation of the above exercise is performed by starting with your legs in the same position while holding the dumbbells with your palms facing down. 

With your arms stretched out and attached to each side of your body, start by raising your right one to chest height. 

Raise and lower the dumbbell slightly at that height for five seconds, lower your arm back to its starting position for another five seconds, and repeat. Complete 20 reps for each limb.


Indeed, you can follow the natural solutions outlined in this article to increase your breasts. However, the result you’ll get will not be as perfect as that of surgical breast augmentation. Nonetheless, consistent use of these natural remedies can help have a slightly bigger and toned breast. To get the best and fastest results, you should get in touch with reputable and experienced specialists who can show you before and after photos of clients, they’ve had.

One place like that is Shens Clinic for breast enlargement which is conveniently located at Winsland House 1, #09-08, 3 Killiney Road, Singapore, Singapore 239519, or you can book a consultation by calling +65 6904 4488.

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