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I’m wondering if you can relate to a difficult truth I sometimes hear from women business owners? Here’s what they tell me: 

“Fabienne, I’m starting to resent (even hate?) my business.”

Ouch. This can be very hard to admit. After all, you’ve put your heart, hard work and countless hours into building your business – but sometimes, it feels like it’s a never ending struggle, and you wonder if it’s actually WORTH it to be self-employed. 

Here’s the thing you should know

This. Is. Normal. 

Sometimes resenting your business is more common than you might think. 

Even though it’s tempting to want to throw in the towel, it’s also a sign that you’re ready for your next level. 

It’s a sign that what got you “here” is no longer working. 

Here’s why it happens:

=> You started your business to do what you love (working with clients), but now you’re dealing with marketing, tech and admin issues that frankly, you would really rather not be doing.

=> You thought you’d have freedom being self-employed, but now you’re working through meals, then late into the evening and every weekend.

=> You know you need help, but you struggle to delegate more because there’s not enough time or money to hire anyone and from past experience, you believe you’re not good at managing a team. 

It can feel really uncomfortable to admit these things, and even worse to feel this way every day. 

If you’re experiencing some (or all) of this, just know you’re not the only one. This is a right of passage! 

Every entrepreneur goes through some version of this, until they begin to leverage their business so it becomes more self-sustaining and gets the owner their life back.

Maybe it’s time to try something different than what you’re doing right now? 

If you’re feeling a lot of resistance or resentment towards your business, trying to do it all on your own and on the edge of burning out, let’s talk sooner rather than later. We can help you figure out what’s going wrong and get you on the path to growing your business, and your downtime, while falling back in love with your business. 

It starts with one conversation with one of my caring Strategy Coaches. You can book a free call here

We want to hear what’s not working, map out a plan with you and explore with you what it would be like to work together and get you loving your business again. 

You can feel free again,

P.S. There is no obligation attached to the free call I’m offering you. We want to get to know you better and to understand your current situation, listen deeply, hear about your vision for the future, answer your questions and see whether we’d be a good fit for each other. More importantly, we want you to come away with a clear sense of what to do next, whether you decide to ever work with us or not.

Go for it, book your free Strategy Call here.

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