How Melissa grew 300% (so you can too)

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An honest question for you… Are you someone who has been following me for years, perhaps resonating with my message, knowing we would work well together…but for some reason, you’re waiting to get the help you need?

I get it. Sometimes it can feel a bit scary to take the leap to get the help you need (and that you know will help you grow). Well, read on…

Perhaps today you needed to hear Melissa’s inspiring story. Melissa felt a bit apprehensive to reach out at first. She followed (stalked?) me for four years, then one day, she took a leap of faith and finally joined us, and then immediately grew 300% in ONE year.

She said she wished she’d done it sooner. Watch this:

When she finally joined us in The Leverage Business Program, Melissa was no stranger to business, but had just taken over in a new business and was at a loss as to how to set it up and run it.

We had just started the healthcare staffing division, and I had been charged with running it and building it…I just really was floundering a little bit. I didn’t know about systems and the basics…how to get things set up, and there were just so many different pieces of the business that we were responsible for from scratch…very overwhelming.

Knowing she needed help, Melissa rolled up her sleeves and accepted every strategy we gave her. She followed our steps, got the love of our community, and after only a little over a year with us, got incredible results:

This year we are on track to almost triple…we have a team now, and it’s just mind-boggling what we’ve done. There is no way that I could have done this on my own.

Yes, her 300% growth is truly amazing, and yet it’s not out of the ordinary for our members.

What was it about Boldheart that made the difference for Melissa? As she described it, it was a combination of many things she got access to when she joined us after a free conversation:

=> The structure she needed to be more focused in growing her business exponentially.

=> The just-in-time weekly coaching calls and quarterly meetings that allowed her to consistently work ON her business instead of IN it.

=> The daily accountability and deep-level support from our unparalleled community of like-minded women business owners who understood her, championed her through challenging times, lovingly pushed her out of her comfort zone and helped her accomplish more, in less time.

=> The belief in her abilities she got from all the other women in the program who had applied our principles to their businesses and got great results.

As she said, she only wished she’d done it sooner.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about joining us. Or at least talking about it and finding out more.

Well, now’s the time. There is really no good enough reason to wait when a 300% increase in revenues (with your freedom back) is at your fingertips. That’s when life gets much easier

Say yes to speaking to one of our coaches to explore how we can help.

Just hit that red button to have the one conversation that could change your life, like Melissa did.

We’re here for you,

P.S. Maybe you’ve known for some time that it’s time for a breakthrough. And that you’re tired of flying solo. I lovingly ask you, why wait? Why unnecessarily delay the results you want now? Just raise your hand and let us set up a time to talk…the sooner, the better.

Is it true that if you knew what to do, you’d be doing it? Honor that nudging feeling inside and go for it.

=> Here’s where you can book an exploratory call, so we can hear more about your business.

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