Coaching Model: BELIEVE

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A Coaching Model Created by Evdelina Sooky
(Transformational Coach, NETHERLANDS)

If we take a  look a history we can see that many nations worldwide having a lot of wise sayings, words, and movements based on believing in good, what you do it will come back to you, etc.

So, why is so hard for most people to start to believe in themselves first?

Modern society is not working in a way of supporting us. We are surrounded by the perfect pictures of people, perfect pictures of families, perfect houses, perfect possibilities. Instead of boosting our trust in our powerful nature, we are diving deeper into unhappiness, search for perfection and we ending up finding only deprivation, sadness, and depression.

What people need to look at to change their view and to gain instead to lose -is the first mindset. People usually want to change, but creating the path of change and holding on to it, seems to be the hardest part of the process. In this fast world, if the change is not coming express, it is easier to give up than to push harder and enjoy what is about to come after the effort we put into it.


Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Napoleon Hill

The most powerful tool which will support us to reach what we are dreaming about or what we want to accomplish is to BELIEVE in our strength, our ability, our motivation, our commitment, our power, our self. Coach supporting the client to reach unreachable, to stretch behind his limitations, coach challenges client to look further than he thought he can, to explore core beliefs, and to remove those which are putting limitations and bringing negative emotions in the client life. Everything starts with our mindset. Some mindsets are learned, some are the process of copy-paste, some are products of society. We need to find one, which is representing the US, who we really are, and how we want to live. All of this is possible if have courage and if we believe that we can do it.

On the other hand, every change can carry lots of doubts, fears, and emotions that are not supporting the client in his growth. The coach needs to be very careful in communications with the client who is carrying negative emotions, memories, or any belief which is not serving the client. The client needs to feel protected, trusted, and listened to be able to move forward. Not only the client has to believe in himself, but he also needs to feel that the coach believes in him and his ability to change his current circumstances or anything that client is bringing to the session.

My coaching model bringing challenges to the client’s life but as well supports the client to become everything he wants, reach his goals, and remove obstacles in his life. As well, supporting the client not to give up and to stay on a road of change and not to give up on his wishes, dreams, goals.

B – coach supports the client to BE himself. To recognize what he needs, to be able to live his dreams, and to break himself free from expectations of society, family, neighbors. Coach shows a true interest and shows curiosity to find out more about the client.

E – coach supports the client to EXPLORE what benefits the goal he set would bring to him and the options which would support him to reach the outcome he is aiming for. Coach asking questions that can take the client to see above and beyond his current situation.

L – coach supports the client to LIVE his change and to look at “NEW ME “-what will be positive and what will reaching the goal bring to the client. Coach asking questions that can explore how would client feel if he reaches his desired outcome, how the client sees himself.

I – The coach supports the client to IMAGINEhis way towards the desired outcome and to look at all that is standing in his way and what needs to be address to reach his goal. Coach using visualization tool in a coaching session to support the client to see/feel his goal.

E-coach supports the client to EMPOWER himself and to look from a different perspective on the issue, situation, a dream he would like to reach. As well, the coach supports the client to put an EFFORT into reaching his desired goal. Coach asking about steps the client will take and about timing when the client is planning to do his action steps.

V – coach supports the client to celebrate his VICTORY and to apply his reached outcome in daily life.

E-coach supports the client to EMBRACE his new life, story, decision and to enjoy in all what he achieved.

Always remember you are braver than you believe. Stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. Christopher Robin

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