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A Coaching Model Created by Phoebe Charn
(Life Coach, FRANCE)

Life Coaching Model PhoebeCarl Rogers Quotes

The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination. (Rogers, 1967, p. 187)


My niche is to be a Joy coach for working women. I am serving women to bloom with joy!

As a woman, most of us are all fascinated by beauty. We all would like to be the beautiful woman that people would admire and feel good about ourselves. But what is beauty? In this modern world, advertising and social media kept instilling how beautiful women should be on physical attributes. We kept searching for ways to make us look better because it will boost our self-esteem and confidence.

Self-care is essential. It is necessary but to what extent that it doesn’t interfere with and upset our life?

Instead of looking for impermanence physical beauty, why not look for the beauty that will last.

Most women I know have to juggle different roles in life. Sometimes it could be overwhelming. If only we can cultivate the joy in every role we play, we will find the experience more pleasant and fulfilling. The joy that reflects from inside out.

I firmly believe that the beauty that lasts is the beauty from within. When a woman finds the joy of living, she blooms from within and glows radiantly. That is what makes a woman beautiful with confidence.

Coaching working woman

I am a mother of two, a footwear designer, an entrepreneur, and a wife. With the many personas, I have each day, and sometimes I no longer find joy in doing the things in my day-to-day life. Instead, I feel like they are obligations that I have to accomplish. I may not be the only person with this friction in life, And I like to work with other women in the same situation as I have.

Through my ICA journey, I have been coached and found the joy that I have lost along the way in life, and I like to share this experience with other fellow women on this planet. It is my motivation for being a Joy coach.

Coaching model Influence

Carl Rogers (1959) believed that human has one motive, to fulfill one’s potential and achieve the highest level of ‘human beingness, in other words, to self actualize.

Human beings want to express themselves creatively and reach their full potential.

Like a flower that will grow to its full potential, its environment needs the right conditions. Therefore, if the environment is good enough, people will flourish and reach their potential.

The coaching model BLOOM ( acronym)

B – Being 

For a client, being there with a coach is her first step in making a difference. Being present as a coach is the most critical. Being respectful to the client and acknowledging her struggle is the space for building trust. It enables the client to feel safe and be able to express herself fully.

L – Learning 

Learning is key to a coaching session. Every little piece of knowledge will help the client move forward, step by step, to her goal.

The coach has two critical questions in mind. Why the client is telling you her story, and what is making this an issue for her? It will help the coach explore and learn about the client’s current perspective and where the client wants to be by the end of the session.

With this exploration, the client can also have more clarity and awareness of her situation as she is talking aloud.

Throughout the session, the client learns about herself and her situation when the coach serves as a sounding board for her. Coach help facilitates growth by enquiring about the client’s learning and finding out how their understanding can help them in their situation

O – Open to experience

Both positive and negative emotions are acknowledged. A negative feeling is not negated but talking them through during the coaching session if it is a factor that is holding the client back. A positive feeling is where the client wants to achieve at the end of the session, and the coach support client to move to that place.

O – Observations 

Sharing observation from a coach can help the client see some things that she doesn’t see earlier. The client may come to some understanding and awareness at this stage that can help her move forward.

M – Meaningful

Help the client to hold on to the learnings that will be meaningful and fulfilling for them.

The coach challenges and supports the client in designing their action plan by supporting them to build strength into their plan. A client who takes action towards their goal is transforming their learning into sustainable knowledge.


Joy and happiness are wonderful feelings to experience but are very different. Joy is more consistent and is cultivated internally. It comes when you make peace with who you are, why you are, and how you are, whereas happiness tends to be externally triggered and is based on other people, things, places, thoughts, and events.

Joy coaching helps women to cultivate joy in their personal and working life with the B.L.O.O.M model.


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