Coaching Model: The Loop

For Coaches

A Coaching Model Created by Stephenson Robert
(Transformational Coach, UNITED KINGDOM)

This coaching model is a physical representation of thinking through a coaching session, the scaffolding that I hold alongside the core competencies and other coaching frameworks that enable the coaching relationship to take place, and the client goal or outcome to be achieved.

Transformational Coaching Model Stephenson RobertThe model is shown as a loop, however, one may experience loops within the loop as clarification and new learnings come into play, as well as the change of direction within the coaching session itself.


Starting with the question for the session, holding the space with a sense of curiosity that enables the enquiry to be both an exploration of the nowness of the client as well as the desired outcome for the session.


After the initial enquiry stage, we then flow into the space of reflection, checking in on our understanding, while at the same time reflecting the words, concepts and images to the client for further exploration and enquiry.


The reflecting brings us to a state of awareness, insights or understandings of what has been placed into the coaching space. Time and silence allow the client’s mind to bring this into greater clarity, while the coaching questions allows the unconscious or yet known to rise to the surface of understanding.


One awareness has taken place, we can, where appropriate, explore the learnings taken from the awareness generated within the coaching space. Highlighting new learning or newly remembered, so that the client can take them into the next stage.


Through the learning, the client can begin to explore areas of growth, where are they able to see themselves in a new light or where are they now able to take action. In a sense, growth is almost a too smaller word, as we are looking at the expansion of the human being, going beyond what they were at the beginning of the session, both in mind and action.


Bring us to the next stage which is change, change in behaviour, opinion, idea, action, options. Through the pathway of this model, we arrive at a change point, that allows the client to embrace difference, even if that is in their understanding and not yet in action. Which allows us to loop around once more to the enquiry, inquiring what this change has brought about and thus following the model loop once more where appropriate or laning on a change to explore the change in behaviour and/or thinking, that the client will take away from the session.

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