Coaching Model: Ef Zin

For Coaches

A Coaching Model Created by Athina Tsellou
(Health & Wellness Coach, GREECE)

Health & Wellness Coaching Model Athina Tsellou“Ef Zin” is the ancient Greek expression for well-being and includes everything that can add value, quality, and plenitude in our life.

The “Ef Zin” model uses a tree as its central metaphor because coaching is a vivid and beautiful process. The tree symbol represents our personal development, uniqueness, and individual beauty. Just as the branches of a tree strengthen and grow upwards to the sky, we too grow stronger, striving for greater knowledge, wisdom, and achievements as we move through life.

Every branch is a choice, a goal, a path. Nutrition, physical exercise, habits, stress management, betterment turns our being to well-being. We choose only after visiting our roots first. There is the core basis of Ef Zin coaching. The self-knowledge that gives shape and name to our goals, internalizes our motivation, and fuels our way for balanced action. Balanced between stepping forward and back, but loving yourself all the way.

Step 1: Setting Goals

The clients choose the area of their life they want to change, improve, grow. From healthy eating, physical activity, and other habits that promote their betterment attitude. We work together to find the motivation and the meaning behind this choice. We examine the obstacles and barriers. How?

  • Sets professional criteria
  • Provides a space of trust and transparency
  • Believes in you

We dive together to the roots.

Step 2: Self-Knowledge

Ef Zin partners with the clients to distinguish the perspectives that serve your current goal, the mindset that opens new vision, the voice that belongs to you. Works with you to give shape to your values and beliefs that motivate your choices. Helps you find your strengths and use them to fuel your action planning. How?

  • Active listening is the key to become your sounding board and support you to promote your internal dialogue
  • Powerful questioning is the weapon against the vicious circles of your mind
  • Assessment tools provide you an up to date picture of your reality
  • Internalizing your learnings and using them to motivate you We lift.

Step 3: Balanced Action

Your trunk is your strongest part that offers you stability and balance. Given those, you can design your plan and implement it in your everyday life. Ef Zin supports you to create a unique plan based on your true self and therefore strong enough to become a new way of living. How?

  • Balancing your effort by being king with yourself
  • Becoming your accountability partner
  • Providing effective feedback
  • Celebrating every step

You attain the power of choice for your better living!

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