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A Coaching Model Created by Gabrielle Karam
(Empowerment Coach, UNITED STATES)


When we get lost we need only pause, look at what is true, relax our heart, and arrive again.

This is a quote from the book Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach. To me, radical acceptance and being in one’s true nature is coming from a place of love that demolishes shame one may be feeling inside. It is completely accepting what is no matter what emotions or feelings we are experiencing. When we are connected to our true nature we are no longer scared, we know our essence as pure awareness that beholds with love and all creation. When we are in our true nature we are in our essence. When we are in our essence we are in the person we were when we were a little child before the world touched us. My goal is to get people back into their essence or true nature through coaching.

Empowerment Coaching Model Gabrielle Karam

Explanation and Visual: Exploring True Nature more in-depth

The first part of our true nature is the part of ourselves that is unchangeable and is buried underneath the layers of the ego. It is beneath our programming, mental blockages, and issues. At the deepest level, our true nature is pure awareness and our soul. However, the other side of our true nature is in who we are in our everyday lives and how we live that out honestly. (West).

Our true nature is not something we arrive at or own, it is a process. In the same way, a musician cannot own music that they create that comes through to them. The emotion behind the song is important not the skill to play it. Sometimes that just is not there for that specific song therefore, interpretation will be free from substance and then is not true (West).

You can memorize and play a song a bunch of times but sometimes the words can slip between your fingers and it is not attainable in that space in time. Music is a force on its own. Music comes through with emotions that cannot be forced because then it then loses its magic which defines music (West).

As humans, we cannot possess creations of music, art, literature, ideas, and knowledge. One can love music with every ounce of their body. Even though one can love music immensely one can never possess it, capture it and hold it in their arms. Our true nature is the same (West).

One’s true nature is viewed as awareness. This is found in beauty, joy, and the flow of being what we are. It can be an expression of who we are and it is also undefinable as any form of art. As humans we improve and polish our habits, knowledge, and our skills in arts so that we can express ourselves and embody ourselves in everyday life, it is then when we begin to understand our true nature (West).

It is not, in fact, something we can intellectualize. We believe we can classify this or that but it is not found in those ideas. I could state that “I am a scientist, a historian, a musician, a yogi, and a mystic,” but what does all of that really say? It shows that “I study mathematics and the patterns found physical reality, that I probe the mists of history, myth, and legend, seeking to tease out some truth that may be distorted by time or sheer misunderstanding, that I practice yoga, and occasionally experience things that cannot be described with words.” (West).

These professions are very accurate yet devoid of any meaning, but what is actually trying to be conveyed? They describe things I enjoy doing and what my profession is. “Yet they speak nothing of the quality or intensity of the emotion, exhilaration, and sense of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual discovery inherent with the experiences” (West).  These careers and hobbies cannot measure close to who I am. “There are few who can see that deep into myself, or into another person for that matter, period” (West).

The words we use to describe ourselves and what we do are in some ways not significant. We are not what we do and cannot be found within them. All the titles in this universe cannot define a person or open a path for the discovery of who they are and their true nature. “We can only find ourselves in the pure flow of being who we are through actions that are perfectly aligned with who we are. And it is this which is the greatest struggle of the process of growth, personal development, mastery, and the whole point of life” (West).

When we realize our true nature it is not an unchanging state of perfection, rather a consistent process of moving towards liberation. There is not an event or destination but a continual process of discovery, creation, and refinement. When you reach a stage of peace and awareness you then carry that into the next chapter and challenge of your life. There is no fatigue because those are not part of one’s true nature. Being light and radiating into everything that you do, this is the process of understanding one’s own true nature.

Empowerment Coaching Model Gabrielle Karam


The client will come to me with knowledge of what he or she wants out of the session. The client is the main focus of the relationship. The client will tell me his or her goals towards reaching a successful session on how to get to his or her true nature.


 The coach is there to keep the client accountable and to be the client’s cheerleader essentially. The coach is an active listener and responds with empathy. The coach helps guide the client with strong questioning for the client to achieve their desired outcome. If the client falls off track of their goal the coach is there to direct him or her back on the path of their goal.

T– trust you are heading towards your goal

R– resist nothing and surrender to the process and questions

U– use your creative abilities to grasp the answers within

E– evaluate where you are at


Brach, Tara. Radical Acceptance: Awakening the Love That Heals Fear and Shame Within Us. Rider, 2003.

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